Haute couture


Le Cheval

This collection was done to support the daily labor despite all of Covid-19 impact, who can still work and be safe. 
Inspired from the countryside and flowers to emphasize beauty and pureness, we played with all the flowers colors to bring joy and happiness to our beauties. 
This limited collection brings the finest and atmosphere of horses and their riding experience to life through the silhouettes, full of vibrant colors and embroidery as well as unique designs to roar in style. 
30% of the preceedings go to Resala's charity in support of Covid-19 labour. 

Lioness capabilities

the brand identity embraces through its designs the meaning of development, accomplishment and success .
Emphasizing  the norms and beliefs of how women are able to pursue their aspirations with full potential and adequacy .

Not just an appearance.

Outfit reflects identity , elegance  and uniqueness . It tells so much about individual ; their personalities , perspectives and how they decided to demonstrate their characters to the outer world .

The Resilient Beauty

The woman who is exceptional at everything she does , who conquers , protects and take care of her own self . The woman that her beauty is mixed with solidarity and resilience revealing a character of ambition, freedom and persistence . 


Antoushka ..... The Resilient Beauty