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Antoshka Addresses Women Empowerment in “Not a Doll in a Box” Winter Collection

Antoshka Addresses Women Empowerment in “Not a Doll in a Box” Winter Collection, by

Fashion designer Angie Antoushka launched her latest winter collection for 2020/21, titled “Not a Doll in a Box”, addressing erratic societal habits and generalizations about women that are a great source of frustration and annoyance.
In special statements, Antushka stressed that women are not dolls in boxes, as they have reach from a scientific and societal stature that some men have not reached.
“As words and the pen have power, so is fashion. I present a strong message through my new collection,” Antoshka said, adding that women have become pioneers in all fields, challenging stereotypes and transcending boundaries, without neglecting the role of women as mothers and housewives.
Through her collection, she interrogates some people who still view women as attractive, beautiful and sexy dolls inside boxes without looking at their mentality and the fact that they are active members of society.

The designer symbolizes the world of women through the design of a rose box, in which mannequins are placed, represent restrictions, and passes through fabrics and cuts, where there is a message in every detail.

She used fabrics that symbolize the soft power of women through leather, furs, tweed and capotin, as well as earthy and cashmere colors.
“I combined pink and orange, two colors that are difficult to mix, in reference to breaking the usual color standard,” she said, adding that she also broke the dark color barrier by using white in winter, and black and dark colors came shyly.
The patterns are mostly inspired by the 1960s that hint at old customs that are incompatible with the present time, putting them in a modern setting in keeping with the new millennium.
Belts were also used on some designs, symbolizing restrictions, yet, its bright colors, helped women to transform them into a way to break those customs through their metallic appearance, which is one of global fashion trends.
Finally, we can say that the Antoshka 2021 collection has broken that barrier with colors, cuts and materials in a message from fashion to society.

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