Talli's Story

Talli's Story

Talli has been made in the Asyut region of Upper Egypt since the late 19th century, although the concept of metal embroidery dates to ancient Egypt

Talli  is still made in Egypt today, but in Sohag and not in Asyut.

Talli is a netting fabric embroidered with metal. The embroidery is done by threading wide needles with flat strips of metal about 1/8” wide. The metal may be nickel silver, copper or brass. The netting is made of cotton or linen. The fabric is also called tulle-bi-telli.

The patterns formed by this metal embroidery include geometric figures as well as plants, birds, people and camels each design is telling different stories . In past days , weaving them through Talli cloth into shapes and symbols representing the heritage of her forebears. She drew camels to indicate the wedding caravan, waves like the waters of the Nile, trees for rural village life, stars for the wedding ceremony's nights, and finally triangles for mountains and to protect the bride from envy. No girl could move to her husband's house without at least three Talli dresses.


We did this collection for the aim to Highlight the beauty of this folk art which is going to extinct by replacing it with machine embroidery.

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